All adults are welcome to attend Trinity Adult Education from 9 to 9:45 A.M. each Sunday morning. Father Dan Riddick leads the class which is based on the lectionary for that day: the collect; the Old Testament lesson; the psalm; the Epistle;  the Gospel and the Hymns. The lectionary is  pondered by all daily beginning on Wednesday prior to the Sunday and continued through the following Tuesday each week.  Father Dan reads aloud the assigned reading material followed by group discussion and any specific things that may have special meaning to someone or any trouble areas that were encountered. At the end of each session there is a take home message about the connections of the lessons to our lives.

L9780310435594In addition, Father David recently held a series of seminars from the book ‘Reading the Bible in 90 Days’. This book/guide is both a Bible and a curriculum that allows individuals to complete what for many Christians is the goal of a lifetime—to read through the Bible completely, from “cover to cover,” in a manageable time frame. The Bible in 90 Days provides readers with a brief overviews, study questions, and encouragement to keep going in their daily readings. The basic plan consists of reading 12 pages a day of a specially prepared large-print Bible—a task that usually takes between 45 minutes and an hour—to help readers achieve their goals. Father David lead Trinity participants through a 14-week curriculum kit designed to help people read through the entire text of the Bible with an opportunity to discuss their reading in a community setting. This curriculum has proven successful at many different churches and with a range of denominational affiliations.

Here are some pictures of Trinity EC members participating in the series:006