“This Church was organized under the ministry of the Rev. Edward (or Edmund) Christian about 1842 or 1843. DSC04500“No records of official acts were left by him so far as I know. “In 1845 or thereabouts, the Rev. George W. Dame of Danville held occasional services at Rocky Mount. If he kept a record of ministerial acts they are to be found with him in Danville. “About 1848 or 1849, the Rev. Anderson Wade of Henry County used to preach at Rocky Mount once a month. He continued to hold service there, but irregularly, till the latter part of 1856, when he removed to Charles City County. “In Jan. 1858, I began to preach once a month at Rocky Mount, during 8 or 9 months of the year, dividing the Sundays between Rocky Mount and Piedmont a Presbyterian Church on Blackwater, 12 miles West of Rocky Mount. “John R. Lee, Rector of Christ Church, Henry County, Virginia July 26, 1871.”Trinity Parish Register, 1858-1904, p. 1 *(Note added by the compiler: “At the 1842 diocesan convention in Staunton, the committee on new parishes received application from Franklin Parish, Franklin County for admission to the convention. The rector, the Rev. Edmund Christian, an 1834 graduate of Virginia Seminary, reported that he had resumed his function as a minister after a period of poor health. He wrote, ‘”his parish has been recently organized under circumstances which authorize him to hope for success, in his efforts to build up the church, if faithful and indefatigable in the discharge of his duties.” ‘ Benjamin B. Taliaferro represented the new parish and its Trinity Church as the lay delegate at this convention. 2Brown, Katharine L., Hills of the Lord, p. 62